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Zerox HPL XT in Terra Grey

Welcome to our style of the month for July at Perzl Design: “Summer Days”. Today we are pleased to present an exciting plan that captures the beauty of summer and the freedom of the holiday season.

In this design, we have emphasised the harmony of two fronts: Zerox HPL XT in Terra Grey and Tempo SY in Sherwood Park. Terra Grey is a captivating and subtly lustrous grey that brings a touch of elegance and modern flair. When combined with Tempo SY in Sherwood Park, a deep and rich shade of green reminiscent of a lush forest, the result is a unique blend of nature and contemporary design.

The highlight of this design are the wall units, which are an impressive 1,300 mm high. They not only provide an eye-catching feature in your kitchen, but also plenty of storage space to keep all your kitchen utensils and appliances tidy and within easy reach. This emphasises our commitment to maintaining a harmonious balance between design and functionality.

In terms of the kitchen island, we have utilised an exciting mix of standard and innovation. Both our standard carcase height of 780 mm and our newly introduced “NEW DIMENSIONS” height are utilised. This combination allows for a dynamic use of space and creates visual interest, bringing a modern, sculptural aesthetic to your kitchen.

Our ‘Summer Days’ scheme at Perzl Design promises a refreshing mix of colours, shapes and textures. It is an expression of our passion for design and our endeavour to make every room in your home a place of inspiration and delight. We invite you to join us on this summer design journey and discover how we can bring the warmth and joy of “Summer Days” to life in your home.

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