Premium kitchens

A modern kitchen is much more than a piece of furniture. More than a mere string of base, wall and tall units – more than fronts, worktops, handles and technology.

Of course, our kitchens come with all of this in the highest quality.

From chic country-style kitchens to cosy wooden kitchens and custom-fitted kitchens, you are sure to find your new dream kitchen in our range. We have the right kitchen for every taste.

Interior Design

Your favourite furniture should be durable and retain its value.

For this reason, we manufacture our products from the best materials and mainly by hand. You should feel and learn to love this quality.

It is not enough for us to simply fulfil our customers’ wishes, but to show them what they could never have imagined. Everything from one source,


Sustainable - Green & Environmentally Friendly

Wood is an important component of the modern kitchen. But few people are aware of how damaging the production of kitchen furniture can be.

That’s why we are already thinking about the kitchen of tomorrow and avoiding unnecessary deforestation. “Greenline made of BioBoard” replaces ecologically conventional chipboard. By using rapidly renewable raw materials, we are thus securing our future and preserving nature for future generations.

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Hotel facilities

From planning to implementation, customizable design lines and whole solutions.

Hotel facilities of all kinds.

With great attention to detail, we develop individual, tailor-made solutions for receptions and lobbies, rooms, suites and apartments in new and old buildings.
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