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Cooperation partner of Perzl-Design, because good cooperations that is what is important.

We have been working in the CAD and construction industry for over 20 years. From this experience the idea was born to draw 3D designs professionally with a modern CAD software for interested building owners at a fixed price. It is important to us that the client does not have to commit himself to the construction method, the company carrying out the work or other commitments at this stage.

At the same time we got the chance to offer our clients a modern CAD software adapted to the ‘home use’ directly. This gives every builder-owner the opportunity to create his own first ideas and drafts, or to use our drafts as a basis for bringing in his ideas or for further planning.

Both modules can of course be used separately or combined with each other through seamless data transfer.

The 3DHausplaner is available in different versions and the 3DHausplanung is available in high quality at a fixed price.

We are looking forward to helping you realize your dream of owning your own house, designing a house conversion, furnishing apartments in 3D, redesigning the property, redesigning the bathroom or simply providing a simple but technically comprehensive planning software to interested young people who want to concretize their career goals.

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