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Timeless elegance – tall unit solution: Zerox Black Line VER RW

At Perzl Design, we understand that modern living culture often favours open-plan spaces in which the living and dining areas flow seamlessly into one another. If this is your idea of an elegant and functional space, we would like to introduce you to a particularly cosy larder unit solution that brings this vision to life.

The front of this special larder unit solution is presented in our Zerox Black Line VER RW – an exquisite veneered oak front that impresses with a vertical grain and a surrounding edge in matt black. The Real Wood Nature colour enhances the natural beauty of the wood and creates a feeling of warmth and comfort that is welcome in any room.

To further harmonise the design, we have chosen the carcass and plinth in black, which creates an elegant contrast and at the same time picks up on the matt black accents of the fronts. The combination of the natural and black elements gives the kitchen a timeless elegance that blends effortlessly into different interior styles.

A special highlight of this tall unit solution is our industrial style glass frame KS with chimney glass. This design element adds an industrial touch that emphasises the modern character of the kitchen without detracting from its homely atmosphere.

Inside the glass cabinets, we have used our Moonlight lighting, which not only ensures optimum visibility, but also creates a soft and inviting ambience. The lighting highlights the textures and colours of the objects displayed in the cabinet, helping to make the space vibrant and interesting.

With this tall cabinet solution from Perzl Design, we have created a space that is both practical and beautiful, perfectly suited to a home where the living and dining areas merge seamlessly. We invite you to be inspired by the versatility and quality of our designs and work with us to create the space that best suits your lifestyle.

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