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Spacious kitchen with more working height Zerox HPL XT

Like an untouched winter landscape, this kitchen shines in snow-white splendour, captured in our Snow front colour from the Zerox HL range by Perzl Design. The radiant white colour lends the room an aura of purity and tranquillity that will make the heart of any design lover beat faster.

An attentive eye will notice the ingenious design of the round metal recessed handles and the stainless steel plinth. The metallic accents add a modern touch and create contrasting highlights that beautifully complement the radiant white of the fronts.

But the term “snow white” doesn’t just apply to the outside of this kitchen. Take a look inside the carcase and you’ll see that the same snow-white colour scheme continues here too. This consistent design gives the kitchen a harmonious and coherent aesthetic that further enhances the sense of calm and order.

Another notable feature of this kitchen are the tall units with continuous fronts. They give the kitchen a coherent and elegant look and create a seamless design that perfectly emphasises the minimalist character of this snow-white kitchen.

However, the highlight of this kitchen is undoubtedly the recessed handle on the island, which scores with attractive lighting. This lighting not only adds an element of sophistication, but also helps to improve functionality by highlighting the work area.

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