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Rotpunkt-Kitchen in-house exhibition 2023

Welcome to a tour of this year's in-house exhibition 2023, our premium manufacturer  -  Rotpunkt-Kitchen

The latest designs, materials, styles, technical and practical innovations are on display. Nowadays the kitchen is increasingly becoming the “centre of life”, the heart of the home. No other room in our home is as much the centre of attention as the kitchen. This is where we cook, celebrate and live.

Immerse yourself with us now, in an almost endless variety of living and design kitchens. Plastic kitchens, lacquered kitchens, veneered kitchens, solid wood kitchens, everything your heart desires. Whether smooth fronts, fine veneer or cassette fronts, the wishes of our customers are very versatile.

Perzl – Design develops and designs in close cooperation with Rotpunkt-Kitchen, “your very personal kitchen”. The soul of the house, as an enthusiastic customer recently told us again.

In the modern design sector, the trend is clearly towards warm dark colours in a wide variety of materials, combined with local wood species. The favourite here is clearly oak in its light and natural colour, but with a cracked and knotty surface.

Another design highlight is a kitchen with front doors only 10 mm thick in brushed metal surface. These fronts are real hand flatterers with soft edges. A wide range of warm and noble colours is also available for you here.

In the classic area the cassette front dominates. There are different profiles, shapes and wood types. This year, a simple cassette front with a handle invisibly integrated into the cassette has been presented completely new. However, kitchens with lacquered cassette fronts are also in vogue.

A real highlight this year is once again the high, versatile and high-quality technical equipment of the kitchens on display. Many practical, sophisticated and very creative details make daily work in the kitchen easier and ensure a high value retention and long service life. This is where a premium brand kitchen from Perzl – Design clearly differs from other kitchens.

The topic of sustainability is also a focus for Rotpunkt kitchens. For example, all carcass parts and many other elements are manufactured and produced from organic shelves. Bio-Bord is made of 100% renewable raw materials, is very stable and much lighter than conventional wooden boards. No more forests need to be cleared for this. Rotpunkt-Küchen is the first German kitchen manufacturer that already produces 100% climate neutral. It has been certified and has already received several awards for this. It is rightly and proudly entitled to use its brand label “Greenline – Kitchens“.

Kitchen and living are increasingly merging into one, and Perzl – Design perfectly stages this new trend with its creative living concepts.

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