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Perzl Design: Customised kitchens for open-plan spaces

From Perzl Design: Perfection in kitchen planning for open-plan living concepts

At Perzl Design, we understand that modern living spaces favour flowing transitions between living, dining and cooking areas. Our customised kitchen solutions offer not only visual elegance, but also functional sophistication, specially designed for open-plan living concepts. Our presence in the UAE, allows us to exclusively serve customers in this region and turn their dream kitchens into reality.

Our planning aims to emphasise the seamless character of your living space. The kitchen island, a focal point for socialising, is fitted with a stylish black recessed handle, giving it a modern look. The tall units, accessible via elegant bar handles, not only offer clean lines visually, but also practicality. In addition, 390mm high top cabinets extend the storage space up to the ceiling without compromising the sense of space.

Inside the kitchen, we rely on our WOOD line for drawers, which creates a warm and inviting atmosphere while keeping things organised and tidy. This detail emphasises our commitment to quality and design by combining natural materials and contemporary design.

At Perzl Design, we go beyond the ordinary. We don’t just offer kitchens, we create spaces that reflect your personality and enrich your everyday life. Our approach is to work with you to design a kitchen that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical and true to life. Let Perzl Design inspire you and discover how we harmoniously merge the boundaries between kitchen, living and dining areas.

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