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Perzl Design: Classic & modern combined in a wooden kitchen

In the world of kitchen design, Perzl Design always combines elegance with functionality. If you are a lover of traditional charm mixed with contemporary flair, then our latest creation is just the thing for you.

The classic wooden kitchen, characterised by the exquisite Tineo FL frame front in Beach Grey, promises not only quality but also timeless beauty. Our specially selected 502 and 503 handles in chrome blend seamlessly into the design and emphasise the subtleties of the kitchen.

The highlight? Our industrial-style glass cabinets, fitted with the body colour Nature Split Oak, not only catch the eye with their Horizontal Black with crystal glass and vertical lighting, they also bring the cosy warmth of natural wood into the room.

The spacious kitchen island is sure to become the centrepiece of your room – perfect for gathering family and friends or conjuring up culinary masterpieces. And to make sure you always have all your kitchen utensils to hand, our shelving elements in Black provide the storage space you need.

A clever feature that reflects our attention to detail is the unusually deep-set handles with a special hole that not only gives you a unique look, but also ergonomic handling.

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