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Exquisite white gloss kitchens from Perzl Design

At Perzl Design, March is all about a new beginning with style and elegance. We, your specialist for high-quality kitchen designs in the UAE, present our latest creation – the dream kitchen in purist white. Our aim is to create spaces that are not only functional, but also visually stunning. With our latest kitchen design, we realise exactly that.

An exquisite combination of white high-gloss genuine lacquer fronts, a carcase in the same colour and a white plinth create an incomparable, radiant look. This choice gives the kitchen a modern, clean and particularly appealing character. To further refine the design and ensure an elegant line throughout, the fronts on the back of the island are skilfully extended downwards. This detail emphasises the bold, modern approach of our design philosophy.

The handleless design of our kitchens epitomises contemporary aesthetics and seamless integration into any living space. Thanks to the innovative push-to-open mechanism, which is used on all doors, the cabinets open almost automatically – a gentle push is all it takes. This feature emphasises the minimalist character and at the same time offers maximum convenience in everyday life.

At Perzl Design, we understand that a kitchen is more than just a place to cook. It is the centrepiece of the home, a place for gathering, creativity and joie de vivre. That’s why we attach great importance to detailed planning and realisation, tailored precisely to your wishes and needs. Our kitchens in purist white gloss are not only a statement of modern design, but also a promise of quality and durability.

We invite you to see the beauty and functionality of our kitchens for yourself. Discover how Perzl Design can make your kitchen dreams come true, contact us today.

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