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Elegant wooden kitchens: Perzl Design

When it comes to the centrepiece of the home, the kitchen, Perzl Design combines tradition with a modern lifestyle. 

Our attention to detail and appreciation for timeless aesthetics is reflected in our collection of classic wooden kitchens, particularly in our Tineo FL framed front, which shines in an appealing Beach Grey. These kitchen fronts catch the eye through the combination of chrome handles from the 502 and 503 series – an interplay that combines modernity with a touch of classicism.

However, Perzl Design goes beyond mere aesthetics. Our kitchens are a statement of quality and durability. We pay attention to every detail, including our glass cabinets in a trendy industrial style. The Horizontal Black frames with crystal glass and sophisticated vertical lighting give your kitchen an extraordinary flair. We don’t choose these elements at random; they are designed to liven up the kitchen and at the same time create a place of calm and conviviality.

The contrast of cool glass and warm wood brings balance to your kitchen. For our glass cabinets, we have chosen the carcase colour Nature Split Oak – a colour scheme that blends perfectly into the room and at the same time creates a cosy atmosphere. It is this harmony of materials that makes a Perzl Design kitchen a real asset to your home.

However, Perzl Design not only stands for appearance and quality, but also for a personal touch in every project. Our experts will be happy to advise you on how to realise your vision of the perfect kitchen.

We cordially invite you to experience the elegance and warmth of our wooden kitchens for yourself. Contact us for a personalised consultation. With Perzl Design, you can bring character and quality to your kitchen that inspires and invites – day after day.

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