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Discover the elegance of Zerox MA Kitchens – Perzl Design

Welcome to the inspiring universe of Perzl Design, your expert for customised kitchens in the UAE. Today we would like to introduce you to a special star from our range: the white kitchen, reinterpreted with our exclusive Zerox MA front in the colour Kashmir.

Zerox MA – A masterpiece in Kashmir

When we talk about white kitchens, many people think of classic designs. But at Perzl Design, we go one step further. Our Zerox MA front in Kashmir is more than just a colour option – it’s a style statement. Combined with a carcase in Clay Dark and our signature XGY recessed handle in the colour of the front, the result is a design that masterfully combines elegance and functionality.

The art of the U-shaped kitchen

Our Zerox MA U-shaped kitchen is a prime example of intelligent design. The shape maximises the available space and offers an incredible amount of storage space without appearing cluttered. Every element is carefully selected to create a harmonious and functional kitchen experience. From the sleek fronts to the discreetly integrated recessed handles, every detail emphasises the quality and craftsmanship that characterises Perzl Design.

Functionality meets design

But a kitchen from Perzl Design is more than just a visual highlight. We attach great importance to practicality. Our Zerox MA kitchen not only offers storage space, but also integrated seating – ideal for a quick breakfast or a cosy coffee in between. The combination of aesthetic beauty and practical functionality makes our kitchens a true centre of life.

Your kitchen, your style

At Perzl Design, we know that every kitchen is as unique as its owner. That’s why we offer customisation options to meet your personal wishes and requirements. Our experts in the UAE are ready to guide you through the entire process – from the initial idea to the finished fitted kitchen.

Perzl Design – exclusivity in your neighbourhood

We are proud to offer our customers in southern Germany and Austria exclusive kitchen solutions. Our proximity to you enables us to cater to your individual needs and create an unrivalled kitchen experience. Whether you are based in UAE – Perzl Design brings exquisite kitchen art directly to you.


The Zerox MA kitchen in Kashmir from Perzl Design stands for more than just a colour variant. It represents a way of life that combines elegance, functionality and individual style. Let our experts advise you and discover how our customised kitchen solutions can enrich your home.

Perzl Design – We bring exclusive kitchen art into your home!

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